Monday, February 15, 2010


I tried a new royal icing recipe today - thanks so much to Amanda for the recipe and some other great tips!!! This royal icing tastes GREAT (no meringue powder) and is easy to work with and make!

These are for Ryan's Valentine's party at preschool. I made 2 cookies for each of the 13 kids, plus 2 for each of his teachers. I hope they like them!!


  1. Those look absolutely gorgeous!! Way to go!! Your cookies look truly professional and perfect! You rock girl!


  2. Thank you for entering the Heart Cries Thirty-One Giveaway! The Giveaway has ended, but the Heart Cries Online Party will stay open for shopping for the next 24 hours! Hop on over to and check out the goodies :) Ps. I was just looking for a royal frosting receipe...can't wait to try it!